"How to Make Better $$ for the Miles You Run and get Even More Home Time." 😳

Hermon, Maine

From the Desk of Barry Pottle:
 Dear Driver,

If you're a driver who lives in the Northeastern States of our great Nation, or perhaps thinking about or looking to relocation here, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year.

Other trucking companies talk about being 'family-owned and operated'...

But, we are one of the few companies that have three generations of dedication in the trucking industry.

What's that mean for you? It means we've had over 50 years to perfect ourselves. 

As a driver, you are important! When you come to work for Pottle's, you're joining a family that makes sure you're heard and you're taken care of.

So, What’s The Difference? 

You can go and work for a company that will sit you behind the wheel of a truck, put your foot on the gas and run you ragged for pennies per mile. Those companies are everywhere.

And what do you get? You're tired, you're making no money, and you're away from your family, missing important dates and family events. 

Here's the bright side... you don't have to choose those companies to drive for. 

There are few companies out there that will care for you as a driver on a deeper level... Pottle's Transportation is one of those companies!

Here's the difference - We care!

Being at Pottle's is more than just being a driver. It's becoming part of a legacy that is three generations in the making. It's working for a carrier that understands what our drivers need and deserve!

This is a value that has been passed down through our family, starting with my father and continuing on to my daughter. 

Chelsea was about 10 years old...

When she started painting the fuel pump area at the yard bright yellow.

Chelsea was raised in the trucking industry, she grew up helping with small things around the office like filing and answering the phone.

As she got older she became actively involved during her college years, juggling school and work, particularly in the Safety Department. 

Learning the company inside and out, she became the Vice President in 2013 and will continue to teach future generation our core values.

My son Matt is another important factor in the Pottle's trucking family, working hard to keep our fleet safe on the road. 

I am still involved in the day-to-day, but the future of Pottle's is in good hands. 

“Why Do Second Generation Drivers still work at Pottle's?” 

Chelsea and Matt are 3rd-generation Pottle's employees and Robbie is our 2nd-generation driver.

Robbie’s dad worked at Pottle’s years ago, and Robbie decided over 33 years ago to come to Pottle’s as well and has been a successful driver ever since.
It isn't all about the paycheck at Pottle's -  it's about keeping our word. It's about living up to the LEGACY of our name as a trustworthy and caring company to work for. 
Let me show where we run...
We cover the Eastern United States, with our primary lanes located in the Northeast. We also do regional and Local Runs, so you're home every week or every day/night.
Serving all over         
Northeast USA                      
7 Things
7 Things
Your Current Trucking Company Doesn't Want you to Know About
  • When you come work at Pottle's as an experienced regional driver, you will earn .48 cpm as a BASE-PAY, straight-up! (Considering your MVR)
  • Not only that, you also get paid Longevity Pay.
  • We offer Safety Bonus (up to $0.01/mi or $0.40/hr per quarter) and Fuel Bonus (up to $0.01/mi or $0.40/hr per quarter)
  • ​We have your back with our Unbeatable Benefits.
  • Your pay is direct deposited to your account every week!
  • We only run top-of-the-line Volvo's only! (Newer Fleet)
  • You're family here - "Welcome Home to Pottle's"
Next Level Comfort & Power for Pottle Drivers!
  • We operate top-of-the-line Volvo's. Newer fleet.
  • Loaded with powerful D13 motor and automatic I-Shift transmission.
  • Equipped with APUs to keep your idling to a minimum and bonus to a maximum! 
  • We went all-out for our Regional Fleet with Volvo's 760s which offer a spacious 70" sleeper.
  • ​Aggressive Black Grill Bumpers!
  • ​Two Shops - One in Allentown, PA and second in Bangor, ME.
Need More Proof?
Don't just take our word for it. Hear it from drivers just like YOU.
Allen has been with us since 2001!
There Are TWO Choices You Could Make from Here:
  • You can keep driving for the same carrier, sacrificing time with your family and making minimal pay every day. You can wait for it to improve one day; maybe your dispatcher or fleet manager will switch lanes up for you...
  • ​Or, you could be like the drivers you saw in the videos above, earning what you deserve and more while getting the home time you need to be with family or see your kids growing up!
But let me Sweeten the pot even more with these Instant Bonuses for Acting Now! 🍯
Bonus #1
You will receive a $1,000 dollar sign-on bonus when you start with us.
Bonus #2
That was just the beginning. If you know someone else that would be a good fit,  there is another $1,000 referral bonus for you! Now, you're taking home $2,000!
Bonus #3
It doesn't end with that $2,000 in your pocket. You will also earn $0.02/mi (or $50) extra per week for the 1st year, provided they stay with us.
As you can see, that’s $2,000 of bonuses + 0.02CPM.

All yours when you act now!  

There’s nothing to lose.

Here's How to Get Started, Right Now:

Go ahead and put your email below, and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've mentioned and more!

Let's get you started right now!
To your success,
Barry Pottle
P.S. - Every minute you wait is another mile not getting paid what you could be earning at Pottle's Transportation. Take action and let's get you started on the best Driving Job you will EVER have!
P.P.S. - Still deciding whether or not to be at Pottle's? It comes down to this...

This isn’t just about earning a living, this is about HAVING what you need to be, so you can create a ripple effect of CHANGE in your own special way. 

You are a very talented individual and not just anyone can be a trucker. Our goal is to help give you the respect, the pay and the home-time you deserve so you can take care of your loved ones. 

Come and join us at Pottle's. You belong here with us!
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